FL Badugi Poker Rules

Badugi Poker originates from Korea. Badugi is nothing new, even as far as online poker rooms go. It has been around for quite a while now, and seems to be steadily increasing in support amongst the poker fraternity a lot of which play it on a fairly frequent basis.

So What Are The Rules?

Well to start with in Badugi or as some say, Badougi or Paduki, in four rounds, you have three draw rounds. The lowest hand is the winner, and in this version which is usually played with a fixed limit, all the players are allowed a maximum of four bets for each & every round. Let's try to break this down a little and keep this simple for you.

How Do The Rounds Work?

Four cards are distributed to each player. Just like you have in Hold'em, the blinds put their bets on when each round starts. Logically, the small blinds gamble half with the big blind placing a small bet.

The Predraw - First Round

The players are all dealt their cards and make their decision which way to go. They can either call, raise or of course fold. At this stage, the bet is a small one and whoever is to the big blinds left, goes first.

How the First Draw Works

If a minimum of two players remain in the hand, they have to make their decision if they want to swap all or just some of their cards, with whoever is to the button's left going first.

The Flop - The Second Betting Round

Again the bet is a small one with players deciding whether to bet, check, call raise or fold.

How The Second Draw Works

If a minimum of two players remain, they are allowed to swap cards.

The Turn Or The Third Betting Round

Time now to decide whether to call, raise, fold, check or bet a big bet.

The Third Draw

Last chance to swap cards.

The River - The Fourth Betting Round

Big Bet - Last round to wager.

Who Wins?

The lowest hand wins with ace being low. Welcome to fl badugi poker!