You must have the guts to play Guts poker

Based on its name, it is pretty obvious that Guts poker is a vicious kind. Indeed, it takes lots of guts for players to win. There is still no known online casino that offers Guts poker. Later, you will understand why.

It seems that the people behind Guts poker had enough of the numerous rounds of wagering before a showdown can happen, which is the norm in most poker types. Because of this, they decided that it would be beneficial to them if there's a showdown after every round of betting. This may not be that unusual. A pair of hole cards is given to every player, then they decide if they are staying in the match or not. They should place their both hands below the table and hold a chip in one hand. Then, a hand is placed on the table and opened. If it holds a chip, it means he or she wants to play; if there's none, it means he or she does not wish to continue and exits the table. All those who decided to continue will be dealt with a 3rd card and then go on a showdown for their hands. The person who's got the strongest hand of three cards will get the pot while those who lost need to equal the pot. There are some variants that do not require the losers to do this and only the one with the weakest hand should but he has to double the pot. After it is formed, all the players will then again try to win it. If no player stays, the pot will be claimed by the dealer when he has even just a pair. At times, if only the dealer is left, players will have another opportunity to declare. But if nobody has the guts to do so, the pot automatically goes to the dealer regardless of his card.

Unsurprisingly, the next pot will be as huge as the one in the first round and it could even be two to three times more, depending on how many players risked staying. This will dramatically increase the stakes quickly and this is when problems about the gameplay arise. Normally, the match will continue until just a single player is brave enough to stay. There will be times, however, when the dealer will go after what he lost so he will bet more until he can recover it. With the pot's nature, this is not impossible. This could prompt others to copy the strategy and later create chaos in the match. To prevent this from happening, some pose a rule that ends the game as soon as the pot size is 50 to 100 times more than the original.