Slowplay Poker Strategy Tips - What And What Not To Do To Win!

What is slowplay Poker? Is it a particular variant of Poker or is it a particular way to play the game?

Slowplay Poker is a particular strategy one can use when playing the game. What it means is to play a strong hand passively to start with until the pot has increased significantly, then the player bets aggressively.

When one is slow playing they are essentially doing the same as sandbagging. The player is attempting to deceive others about the strength of their hand. They will act passively regardless of having a strong hand. Rather than betting and raising they will use a more cautious approach by checking and calling, all in an effort to disguise the strength of the hand that they're holding.

The idea for the player who is slowplayimg very simply is to let the opponents take the lead. They want for them to initiate the action. Let them build their confidence as the pot gets larger and larger, then they suddenly switch gears by betting and raising them.

Even if the opponents now recognize what's going on it's going to be too late as they will be too far down the road in the game having already committed a goodly portion of their stash to the pot. This works particularly well when the slow playing player has already shown weakness or has checked, and is playing against aggressive players that can generally be counted on to bet.

It is a great way to play when wanting to maximize the average long term outcome of a particular scenario, but works best when used intermittently or sporadically, so the others aren't aware that it's coming, and get lulled into a false sense of security.

If the player does it each and every time that they have a good hand, the opponents will become suspicious and not continue to bet. However if one uses the slowplay Poker strategy judiciously, it can be a great way to throw others off their guard, with a nice big pot as a payoff!