High Stakes Poker

Players who are willing to risk higher can take home bigger prizes. This is what the high rollers believe in. Fair enough, if a player bets with the maximum amount possible, the player has a chance to win the maximum amount of cash prize, too. Players simply need to find the high stake poker sites available to play. It is not that difficult to find such, but we have also listed down here the recommended high stakes sites for our valued readers.

Top 3 High Stakes Sites to Bet Online

To determine the best high stakes websites, a player should check its reputation and history. The gaming site should have an extensive experience handling high rollers. They should have a record on how they treat such kind of players.

In addition, the security of transaction in the said gaming site should be trusted and safe. Since players are risking big amount and aiming for a bigger value, they should have an assurance that they will be able to securely withdraw their winnings. The important information of the player with high bets should also be protected, or better yet, be encrypted for his or her own safety. We do not want thieves running after us once we won huge amount of cash, right?

The features and available promos of the gaming site must also be considered. It is necessary for some players to know the other side bets that they can try to level up their games. Having interesting features on the site will help the high rollers to be kept entertained.

Based on the characters we have mentioned above, the following sites are the ones we suggest for high stakes poker games:

  1. PokerStars
  2. 888 Casino
  3. Mr Green Casino

Poker Stars Casino

First on the list is the PokerStars, which holds giant poker tournaments every year. These annual events, the World Championship of Online Poker and the Spring Championship of Online Poker, are joined by the highest rollers in the world. Most of the participants in these competitions are the ones who often bet bigger than the average players. PokerStars also offers a chance for the ordinary players to watch and play against the Team PokerStars Pro. This group consists of the elite players in the poker world, such as Jason Mercier, Chris Moneymaker, and Daniel Negreanu.

high stakes poker online casinosPokerStars is also known for its great service. Players of this site always get a fast cashout and seamless money transaction. Deposits are definitely secured here. If you have any issue in the game or in the site, there is a support representative ready to help you any time of the day. The good reputation of PokerStars is well established as it has already received several awards in the gaming industry.

888 Casino

Another poker site that allows high stake is the 888 Casino. In fact, this gaming site encourages high rollers with their bonus promos. As soon as a player creates an account in this gaming site, the player is rewarded with up to £888. This amount requires no deposit. In return, the newbie player must spend the said bonus credit in order to cash out his or her winnings. This rule will encourage players to bet higher in a short period of time.

High rollers can be lured by the mesmerizing promo codes of 888 Casino, but other than that, players love this site for its live casino option. Players can play online poker as if they are in a real casino. The site also features a live dealer that will show cards to its players. Live casino is something that favors the high rollers in poker games because of the excitement and truthfulness of the game compared to the computer-generated cards in other sites.

Mr Green Casino

Of course, our list would not be complete without the Mr Green Casino. Fans of mrgreencasino.co prefer this gaming site because it has the highest playing limits for specific games compared to any casino. For example, it allows players to gamble a maximum of £5000 per hand. This very high stake can change one's life if it wins the jackpot. Similar with 888, Mr Green also provides an option to get a live dealer to make the poker game more exciting.

Optimal Betting Strategy

casino sites with high stakes pokerPlaying with high stake is different compared to betting with a lower one. Player must strategize carefully to make sure his or her large bet will somehow win decent amount. When playing in a high stake poker sites, it is suggested to play slowly. Players are advised to patiently wait for the aggressive players to bluff. Once they took the bait, the slow player will have an advantage.

Hand reading can be associated with a slow play. Take the time to analyze the possible cards on the opponent's hand before taking the next action. Through this, players who hand read can get some edge in the game.

Some experts also suggest to bet on a single game rather than multiple. Research on the game and wisely put a whooping bet on it.

5 Tips You Need to Know Before Playing

For a better poker game experience, players should check the following first:

  • Gaming site: It would be best to carefully select the casino to be played with. Its reputation must be commendable.
  • Players for the house: Not all the players are aiming for the pot money because some are just trying to bluff the game.
  • Terms in quitting as winner: This is usually included in the game guideline. Some players hate it when a winning player immediately leave the game.
  • Safety of transaction: Since large money is involved, make sure to double-check the security of every cash transaction in the site.
  • Opponents: Perform some background check on how your co-players strategize in their past games.

With these tips, player can definitely ace a huge amount to take home.